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  • How Can I Get Pricing For Window Treatments?
    1:Our design consultants will be happy to discuss pricing and other details during your FREE in-home consultation.(over 5 windows) . 2:You can provide the approximate size of the window, we can quote by text message, if you think the price is ok, we will arrange design consultants to bring samples to your home and measure the window precisely。
  • What are inside mount and outside mount?
    The mount refers to the way you will hang your window treatment, either inside or outside the window opening. Inside mounts are mounted inside the window opening that is recessed from the wall. An inside mount provides a clean look and is probably the most common way to hang blinds today. The minimum window sill depth for an inside mount varies depending on the product. The depth required for each product is listed under its specifications. Outside mounts hang outside the window opening and are mounted either on the wood frame or above and beyond the wood frame. Outside mounts are great for doors, for windows with obstructions (such as security-system hardware), or for windows with a very shallow windowsill depth that would make an inside mount impossible. An outside mount can also be used to make a window appear larger, or to hide an unattractive window.
  • What are my payment options?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards, as well as Zelle and Check.
  • What are the differences between light filtering, room darkening and blackout?
    Light-filtering shades allow sunlight to diffuse gently through the fabric to illuminate the room without harsh glare. Room-darkening shades let in less light than light-filtering shades, which keeps rooms darker during the day. Blackout shades are designed to block all light from entering the window. All three options block damaging UV rays and help protect your furnishings.
  • What is cordless control, Motorized control and what are its benefits?
    This popular option has a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord and allows you to raise or lower the shade easily with the touch of a finger. This removes the possibility of tangled lift cords. Many cordless products are considered safer for homes with children and pets. Look for the “Safer for Kids” label when choosing options, and visit our Child Safety page for more information.

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